List of Security Agencies in Nigeria

List of Security Agencies in Nigeria – Security agencies are groups or institutions with the sole responsibility of spearheading the safety of an organization, territory, or locality.

These agencies could be private or government-owned and are trained to identify threats to society, with the aim of eliminating them.

In our world today, most countries have problems with crime, so it’s important to deal with security problems quickly because if you don’t, they can get worse.

And of course insecurity destabilizes a nation or locality and can have serious socioeconomic effects.

The Nigerian government over the years has set up and passed into law a couple of security agencies. These security agencies are charged with the functions and duties of maintaining security in the country.

Functions and Duties of the SSS include the following.

  • The functions and duties of the SSS in Nigeria are as follows:
  • They help in the enforcement of the criminal laws of the country.
  • They help in the Protection and defense of the nation against domestic threats.
  • They assist in the safeguarding of top government officials like the; President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker House of Representatives, State Governors, and their families.
  • They help to spearhead the protection of other highly-ranked government officials and other foreign Presidents or heads of state who are visiting the country.
  • The security agencies help to uphold criminal justice laws and their enforcement at both the Federal and State levels.

Head of the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS),

The Director-General is the head of  the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS).

List of security agencies in Nigeria

Here are some lists of government-owned security organizations in Nigeria

1. The State Security Service (SSS)

One of the primary duties of this agency is to gather information and intelligence within the country, as regards the safety of senior government officials, such as the President, Governors of the states and others.

2. The National Intelligence Agency (NIA)

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is a branch of the Nigerian government in charge of managing counterintelligence and foreign intelligence operations.

3. The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)

The DIA in collaboration with foreign nations safeguards Nigerian citizens’ lives, and upholds Nigeria’s territorial integrity. The Chief of Defense Intelligence (CDI), who is chosen by the President of Nigeria, is in charge of the DIA.

4. The Nigerian Armed Forces

The Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) is to oversee the military and its personnel, acts on behalf of the President of Nigeria in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Other security agencies in Nigeria include:

  • Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
  • Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS)
  • Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC)
  • Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
  • Nigeria Immigrations
  • Nigeria Customs

List of private security companies in Nigeria

  • Ashaka Security Company (ASCO)
  • Halogen Security Company Limited
  • Latins Security Nigeria Limited
  • McDon Security Ltd
  • Arksego Nigeria Limited
  • Damog Nigeria Limited
  • Sheriff Deputies Limited
  • Halogen Security Company Limited
  • Dynamic Cherish Security Company Ltd.

The following are the top technology-based security companies in Nigeria:

  • Jireh technologies limited
  • Dentik Network Solutions & Integrated Services
  • Keyesther Security Company Ltd
  • Newvital Network Solution Ltd
  • RootSearch Security Nigeria Ltd
  • Clemnology Ventures
  • CN Tech Nigeria
  • Extreme Surveillance System
  • GALinverter
  • Global Protection Experts


We’ve listed several security agencies in Nigeria and their roles. This article has shown you your rights to security as a Nigerian citizen and what these agencies should do for you. But remember, no one can protect you better than yourself. That’s why we’ve also listed some top technology-based security companies in Nigeria. They offer ICT-based surveillance systems that you can use, especially during these times of insecurity in the country.

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