How to Apply for Prepared Meter Online in Nigeria

How to Apply for Prepared Meter Online in Nigeria

A prepaid meter is an electricity meter that makes room for customers to pay for their electricity usage in advance. The meter works by allowing customers to load credit onto their meter, which is then used to power their home’s electrical appliances. You must be wondering how it works, here’s how:

1. Installation:

This can be done usually by their electricity provider.

2. Initial credit:

After installation, the customer is expected to load credit onto the meter with a token from their electricity provider or via an online payment platform.

3. Electricity usage:

Step 2 allows the customer to use electricity from the  meter as normal, with the meter recording the amount of energy used.

4. Debiting credit:

The prepaid meter automatically debits the customer’s credit balance based on their electricity usage.

5. Low balance notifications:

The prepaid meter will usually provide a notification to the customer to top up their credit wthe credit balance reaches a certain low level

6. Top-up options:

The customer can then top up their credit using various methods, an online payment system, or visiting a local shop that offers top-up services.

7. Disconnection:

The prepaid meter will usually disconnect the electricity supply If the credit balance runs out completely

Apply for a Prepaid Meter in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and anywhere in Nigeria

Apply for a meter under;

EKEDC (Eko Electricity Distribution Company)

IKEDC (Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company)

AEDC For New Meter Users, and Existing users.

EEDC (Enugu Electricity Distribution Company)

KEDCO (Kano Electricity Distribution Company)

BEDC (Benin Electricity Distribution Company)

How to apply for prepaid meter online in Nigeria

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Upload a form.

  3. Edit Ekedc prepaid meter online application.

  4. Get the Ekedc prepaid meter online application accomplished

How to apply for Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter

Step 1. Log into IKEDC website

Visit the IKEDC website on

Step 2.Press in your Meter Account Number

New customers are advised to enter their meter account to lookup their profile

Step 3. Complete the KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER  Process

IKEDC customers are required to complete/Update their details on the web page to initiate the account survey process

Step 4. Debt Repayment Agreement

Customers are expected to pay their outstanding bills by taking advantage of the provided and available repayment option.

Here is a list of some licensed electricity meter manufacturing company operating in Nigeria;

Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Ltd ( MEMMCOL)

Mojec International Limited,

Meron Consortium

Turbo Engineering Limited

Triple 7

Requirements for the Application of a Prepaid Meter?

  • ACCOUNT: You must already have an account.

  • CLEAN SLATE: Your outstanding bills must be paid.

  • INTERNET: You need an internet connection to apply online.

Type of metre and cost

Type of Meter                                                          Cost (Naira)


Single-phase PPM Split Unit Type 5/60A 240V                      24,832

3-phase PPM Split Unit Type 3 x 5/60A 415V                        53,820


3-Phase Whole Current Electronic Credit Meter 415V 94,309

3-Phase CT-Operated Electronic Credit Meter                       221,891

11KV 3-Phase CT/VT Electronic Meter                          801, 108

33KV 3-Phase CT/VT Electronic Meter                          1,478,358

From all of this, I’m sure you are now equipped with information on how to apply for a prepaid meter online in Nigeria and carry out other related activities.

Overall, prepaid metres offer customers greater control over their electricity usage and allow them to budget more effectively for their energy bills. For more information on this, You can as well contact the nearest PHCN customer care agent for more information.

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