Current Prices of Indomie in Nigeria

Prices of Indomie in Nigeria – Indomie instant noodle is a brand that is popular among Nigerians. It has existed in Nigeria for a long time and has evolved to become a household brand thanks to its delicious taste and wholesomeness.

The items Indomie commands a high level of brand loyalty and an enviable “top of mind” position among its customers. The brand has come to represent quality, flavour, and value. The good thing here is that it is quick and easy to prepare.

Also, indomie can be consumed at any time of day and by both children and adults.

You ain’t a good cook? Don’t worry IndomienInstant noodles is simple to prepare and ready to consume in a short period of time and you can eat them quickly without losing taste or nutritional content.

The Instant Noodles’ preparation procedure, together with the additional components, provides a significant nutritional benefit. Each box contains its unique cool pepper and sauce, which contribute to its distinct and delicious flavour.Buy Indomie Instant Noodles Regular Pack – 1 Carton on Jumia at the lowest price in Nigeria.

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Prices of Indomie in Nigeria

Indomie NOODLES – Chicken Flavour – 70g X 40 (1 Carton) Details:

    • Best price by Jumia: 2,800 NGN
    • Delivery fees: 800-28,500 NGN, with delivery expected within 3-8 days
    • Similar products at Konga, ahioma: Prices start at 12,500 NGN
    • First appearance: Oct 29, 2017
    • Cheapest price among similar products: 2,200 NGN (from ahioma)

Indomie NOODLES – Chicken Flavour – 70g X 40 (1 Carton) Price insights and history:

    • Cheapest price in the past 47 months: 2,699 NGN (from Jumia)
    • Highest price in the past 47 months: 3,000 NGN (from Jumia)
    • Price difference between cheapest and highest: 301 NGN
    • Average price in the past 47 months: 2,852.40 NGN (from Jumia)


Surely, Indomie instant noodles has secured a special place in the hearts and kitchens of Nigerians. Its longstanding presence in the country reflects its story from being just another noodle brand to becoming a household favorite, cherished for its delightful taste and nutritional value.

Despite the situation in the country, indomie instant noodles are available at an affordable price across various platforms, and it continues to serve as a convenient and satisfying meal option for consumers across Nigeria.

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